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Lunch 'n Learns

For our third campaign, instead of asking you to come to us, we’re coming to you!  We are now offering 30-minute “Lunch 'n Learn” style presentations at your office or private event anywhere throughout the five-county region. 

The presentations are free and can be customized to address your company or organization’s questions about solar energy.

Our presentation can address a variety of topics:


  • Solarize Campaigns – A Grassroots Effort

  • How Solar Works (even in Central New York!)

  • Affordable Solar with a Return on Investment – Grants, Tax Credits and Net Metering

  • What if My Roof Doesn’t Work or I Rent My Home? The Advent of Community Solar and the “Pay as You Go” Model

  • The Future of Solar Energy – Storage, Solar Roofs and More

  • Anything else you would like covered!

If you’re a business, community organization or neighborhood association, we’d like to work with you to educate your employees, clients, customers or members about the amazing financial and environmental benefits of solar energy!

Email Chris to schedule your presentation.

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